Need a Unique Custom Design? 


Do you have a logo, team/group/company name, phrase or image
you would like made into a sassy Bling design download, transfer or Bling shirt, bag, hat etc...?  
 We can make it for you! 
Contact us:  CLICK HERE  for more information & a quote. 
*Remember to include: design photo or requirements, quantity of transfers or quantity of shirts, preferred color of shirt,
and any design/logo specifications.*   

  A sample/mock image has to be created for each custom request "dots/rhinestones" to provide you with pricing. Pricing depends upon the amount of detail, amount of stones used, quantity of stones, color(s) of stones, and size of stones when designed. This does take time to design and some designs are more difficult than others and take more time to price.

 * Please allow additional business days for any custom design/custom name/business logo Rhinestone shirt to process*

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